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Hi, I’m Stacey Combs (AKA stace of spades), a freelance artist + illustrator living in South Minneapolis. I’m self-taught, but have had a little help here and there. I enjoy good food, music, travel, grungy ink line work, and walks (of any length) on the beach. 75% of the time I work while listening to classical renditions of video game soundtracks. 

Much of the work that I do is portraiture. While I do make a fair amount of fan art, I often work with themes of environmental and social justice, drawing attention to unfairness and outdated social norms. Looking at my work, it might seem that I draw inspiration from the darkness in life. While that may be true, it all comes from a place of compassion and appreciation. I try to shine light on, and even make light of, that darkness when I can... which is really the best that any of us can do.

My gouache body positive portraits have been an ongoing project— paintings of real women, femme-identifying, trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people... works that contribute to the normalization of actual bodies. I hope that the more nipples, cellulite, and body hair we see, the less weird feelings we'll have around it all (on ourselves and others).

I enjoy making gouache and watercolor landscape paintings based on my travels. Curaga, however, makes up the bulk of my nature-themed work. This body of work has been built upon a foundation of scholarly research in an effort to draw connections between threatened species in the midwest. “Curaga” is a powerful cure-all spell in the Final Fantasy video game franchise. It restores a great amount of health to all members of the party. Humanity and nature are deeply intertwined, and in this sense every bit of life on Earth is of our “party.” At a time when it’s health is so critical, it falls squarely on our shoulders to be good stewards of the land and to protect and preserve what we are still fortunate enough to have. Since there is no cure-all spell, we must rise to this task. By beginning to cure ourselves within, and not exploit, nature, we just may be able to keep the world as we know it turning for a while longer.

The rest of the work you see here is just for fun. :) Thanks for reading!

Stacey / stace of spades

Featured photos © Kara Dupre Photography 2018.

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2019    Art Heals: stace of spades, Wellness Minneapolis, Minneapolis MN

2019    stace of spades, Glam Doll Donuts, Minneapolis MN

2019    stace of spades, Pizza Lucé, Minneapolis MN

2018    Curaga, Farm Table Foundation, Amery WI

2018    stace of spades, Salon Ori, Saint Paul, MN

2017    The Art of stace of spades, Nighthawks Diner, Minneapolis MN


2019 Spitting Image, Eagan Art House, Eagan MN

2019 Honestly, Tho, Prøve Gallery, Duluth MN

2019 Unicorn Art Show 5, Artspace Jackson Flats, Minneapolis MN. Hosted by 
The Otherworldly Arts Collective.

2018    I Don’t Own This, The Show Gallery Lowertown, St. Paul MN. Featured Artist.

2017/18    Raging Art On, Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis MN

2017    Small Paintings, Red Wing Arts Association, Red Wing MN (juried by Sally Johnson of                     Groveland Gallery)

2017    Sq2 [Squared], Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis MN (curated by Cassie Garner, artist and                         gallery co-owner)

2017    Norseman Art Show, Norseman Distillery, Minneapolis MN

2017    WTF! A Feminist Art Exhibit, Studio 3 West & Prøve Gallery, Duluth MN


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2019    Spot Illustration, Growler Magazine

2019 Aotearotica Vol. 6, ‘Zine. February 2019.

2017 Goopy Geezers, ‘Zine (curated and published by Alex Gitlin AKA Perineum Stew)


2019    Poster Illustration + Design, Jillian Rae

2018    Album Artwork, Fort Wilson Riot

2018    Poster Design, Blackbird Revolt

2018    Poster Design, Catbath

2018    Poster Design, Caydence Records & Coffee

2017    Merchandise Design, Carnage the Executioner

2017    Animated Illustration, Commune 

2017    Logo and Merchandise Design, Private Oates


2018/19    Bizarre Bazaar, Betty Danger’s, Minneapolis MN

2018/19    Open Casket, Casket Arts, Minneapolis MN

2018/19    Powderhorn Art Fair, Minneapolis MN

2018    Craftstravaganza, Minneapolis MN

2017    No Coast Craft-O-Rama, Minneapolis MN

2017-20   Made By Hands, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Minneapolis MN


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Bloomington MN 

Duluth MN

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