I’m Stacey Combs, AKA stace of spades, a freelance illustrator & surface designer living in South Minneapolis. I enjoy food, music, travel, and long walks on the beach (or MN State Park Trails). Most of the time I work while listening to classical renditions of video game soundtracks. 

The more I art that I make, the more I want to make (functional) art that I would've coveted as a kid. I've always loved stationery, crafting, decorating notes, and organizing. Writing people letters and giving gifts are really special things. So is making art that inspires creativity in kids- whether they're young or just young-at-heart!

I make a ton of pop art, but I also follow my heart and paint realistic portraits of things like wet peaches and cans of beer. I just try to have fun with it all, and I hope others do, too! We deserve to smile and have pretty artwork in our lives. 

I start by making an illustration (either with watercolor + gouache, or digital on my iPad), then I scan it into the computer. From there, I'll make cards, prints, stickers, you name it. I do almost everything myself! I print, fold, cut, laminate, and package it all by hand. 

Check out the events page and come see me in person! You can also visit my portfolio, Patreon, and Instagram to learn a little more about what I do!

Stacey / stace of spades


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Illustration / Surface Design / Pattern Design / Fine Art Commissions / Collaborations / Print & Digital Design / Wholesale & Consignment

stace of spades
PO Box 18691
Minneapolis MN 55418



2024 Monthly Coloring Pages - Bachman's

Home Illustrations - Maison, Evergreen, and Anderson Realty Groups

Custom Paintings - Francis Burger Joint

Merchandise Design - Nail Ninja, I Like You, Lissie, Jillian Rae, Caydence Recirds and Coffee

Spot Illustrations - Growler Magazine

Billboard Design - Minnesota Billboard Project

Poster Designs - Blackbird Revolt

Album Artwork - Fort Wilson Riot, Teal Vessel, Story of the Sea


2021 Nystrom, Amy. Let it Rip! The Art of the Fart. Wise Ink

2020 Love Me, Love My Belly Issue 5, ‘Zine. Porkbelly Press

2020 The Big Coloring Book of First Avenue (Parts 1 & 2), Coloring Books for a Cause

2019 Aotearotica Vol. 6, ‘Zine. February. http://aotearotica.co.nz/


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Twin Cities Pride

Bayfront Art Fair

Northeast Farmers Market

Unglued Craft Fest

Powderhorn Art Fair

Made By Hands

Minnehaha Falls Art Fair

Edina Art Fair


2020 Salon Ori, St. Paul MN

2019    Art Heals: stace of spades, Wellness Minneapolis, Minneapolis MN

2019    Glam Doll Donuts- Eat Street, Minneapolis MN

2019 Modist Brewing, Minneapolis MN

2018    Curaga, Farm Table Foundation, Amery WI


2021 MPLSArt Sketchbook Project Exhibition, Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis MN

2020 Persistence, Ramsey County Historical Society. St Paul. MN

2019 Honestly, Tho, Prøve Gallery, Duluth MN

2019 Unicorn Art Show 5, Artspace Jackson Flats, Minneapolis MN. Hosted by The Otherworldly Arts Collective

2018    I Don’t Own This, The Show Gallery Lowertown, St. Paul MN. Featured Artist

2017/18/20    Raging Art On, Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis MN