It 'aint easy, but I'm trying.

Making art products sustainably isn’t an easy task. 

Big change needs to happen at a government level (to control large corporations), but often the blame is shifted to consumers and small businesses. Unfortunately, it is very hard (and cost-prohibitive) to source truly eco-friendly supplies. I make stickers. I sell my prints in stores and at markets, so I need to use clear protective packaging.

While I may not be able to work around this, I’m always looking for ways that I can do more to respect the environment & make up for my waste in other ways. This is what I’m currently doing to bring you art that comes from a place of minimal waste:

• Recyclable envelopes & mailers
• Repurpose packaging when possible (boxes, mailers, bubblewrap, plastics)
• Stamps instead of labels when possible to reduce use of backing paper & improve recyclability (please remove any stickers/tape before recycling your packaging)
• Fill in as much of the blank space on sticker pages as possible by creating minis that I give away, sell as sets, and use for decoration
• 100% recycled paper shopping bags
• Compostable "poly" mailers
• Recycle/reuse paper scraps
• Reusable painting cloths
• Repurpose yogurt tubs for paint water
• Remanufactured ink cartridges
• Carbon neutral shipping on all orders
• I recycle, of course.